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A Totally Flexible, Bendable Chamois/Squeegee

Cham Easy, "The World's Fastest Chamois"®, is a revolutionary product to dry your car after rain, dew or washing that leaves NO SPOTS and NO STREAKS. For people who swear by their chamois cloths, terry towels or water blades, this amazing flexible squeegee could replace every one of these devices and do the job better.

Combining the best features of both a squeegee and a chamois, the Cham Easy pushes the water away in a single stroke leaving a beautiful shiny finish with no lint or swirls. NO WRINGING OUT! DOES NOT ABSORB!

The closed cell foam material is totally flexible allowing the CHAM EASY to conform to any contour. Get in the grooves, hug the curves and bend over rises. Soft all over there are no sharp or hard parts to scratch or dent your vehicle. Wonderful for even the most delicate paint jobs. If you want to kiss your car we have the lips.

AND for the home use it on windows, mirrors, shower walls and doors, counter tops too.
This is an AMAZING tool to remove PET HAIR from furniture and clothing!!
Price varies with quantity.
Orders of 50 or more are discount priced
and we can personalize each one with your company or organization logo or promotional message.
See Quantity Promotions.

The "World's Fastest Chammy"® is a one-of-a-kind, time saving, automobile detailing device that never has to be wrung out with multiple household uses too!


Chammyman Products


Hold as shown,
just using the square edge at a 45° angle,
pushing the water off 
for a perfectly dry finish!


Flexes to the shape of any car.


Windshields, Mirrors, Windows, Glass, Showers.
Streak Free everytime!
Quickly remove morning dew.
Reduce paper towel waste!