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The Cham Easy can be purchased in quantity at a major discount and personalized with your company, club name, logo or message. This makes a perfect promotional giveaway, advertising tool, fundraising item, holiday gift or door prize for your organization. For an Auto Dealership put one in every new car you sell. For a Car Club it's a great prize for cruises or special events. For a Car Wash retail it in the showroom or waiting area. For Banks or Insurance Companies a custom marked Cham Easy is a wonderful way to show your customer how you appreciate their business. Imagine every time your customer or club member uses the CHAM EASY they will recognize your message and appreciate it's remarkable labor saving utility.


Use like a Billboard to Promote your Organization.


Safe to Use on Antiques, Classics, Collectibles

Contact us for a free four minute DVD that demonstrates how "The World's Fastest Chammy" efficiently dries every nook and cranny of the car in a single stroke, leaving no spots, streaks, lint or swirls. Soft all over, no part of it will scratch your paint. Our DVD also shows the multiple household uses; clean shower walls and doors, windows and mirrors. It can even remove pet hair from clothing and upholstery. And it is super durable. If the edge would get worn or nicked, simply re-edge by rubbing across sand paper. The CHAM EASY is extremely well liked by high end car owners and also has countless household applications. Anyone will find a need for this unique time saving device.

Call us today to discuss these promotional possibilities for your organization.

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