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The only totally flexible water blade.
Get in Grooves.
Bend around Curves.



Dry your car in minutes.
No wringing out!
No spots.  No streaks. 

Chammyman Products came about when the founder, Ray Killen had an idea. Cars have been a big part of his life since childhood where his Dad worked at a dealership. In his teens he bought one of the first 53 Corvettes and now can hardly remember all the different makes and models he's had in his life. Professionally over 35 years he owned several businesses in the automobile aftermarket industry which sent him to many trade shows and swap meets where he observed countless products that dry the car after washing. For people that are the most particular about the appearance of their car, the most popular of these were the squeegees and the shammys.

His idea was to design a device that worked to leave a spot free finish by combining the best features of both the water blades and the chamois cloths. Much research into the type of material to use revealed a unique soft rubber that not only is delicate on paint but flexible to all contours. Plus it does not absorb so never has to be wrung out. And it proved valuable for all kinds of household uses. For seven years Ray would hand make and mark each Cham Easy and personally demonstrate them at Car Shows, Swap Meets and Home Shows all over the country. When he could not keep up with demand he found a way to mass produce the CHAM EASY for the international market. Chammyman's story is like others you've heard about. It started out around the kitchen table and ended up a major manufacturing operation. A dream realized.

Chammyman Products